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Montag, 17. November 2014

Showcase: Descent2.0 Reavers

Startingt a little series on some boardgames models I'm painting for a customer. These Reavery are from Fantasy Flight Games' Descent (2nd edition). 

They're intended to be some kind of blueish grey black kinda colour but I decided that Fantasy Flight Games' authors, artists and illustrators have no idea about what their monsters should look like. ;-) They reminded me of plant/bug monsters right from the get-go so I started out green. Then I had a look at them and thought they remembered me of something. So I took a few pointers from this critter. Yeah, I only know the first 150 Pokémon. That's how old I am.

The colourful stripes were on the original artwork as well, albeit being different colours of course. The purple stripes indicate the leader. If you never played Descent you'll know that of each kind of enemy there's the standard version (usually cast in white plastic) and a more powerful version with additional abilities and such cast in red plastic. Of course the paintjob also has to take into account that in the end these two kinds have to be distinguishable in the end. I won't tell whether i actually painted the purple stripes on what used to be the red model or just a white one. That's how devious I am.

Hope you like the minis!

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