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Freitag, 14. November 2014

Showcase: Freebooter's Fate Brotherhood Scoundrels

Time to have a closer look at the Brotherhood minis! I categorized them vaguely and crudely by what they look like to me. Very subjective, not necessarily grouped in the way they are sold but oh well. Let's start out with some scoundrels, the "low-life"/street thug looking ones.

First off - possibly my favourites of this bunch. Coscritti and Battatoria. Those two really look like they do bad things to good people in dark alleys, both taking different approaches.

Look at her face there. I aimed to for a look on her face that would show that she's a person who either lures people into the shadows with a bat hidden behind her back or something like that. Or more offensive versions of that. Very playful and innocent but with a huge club to make a point (or dent).

Here we got the others:

From left to right: Romerto the Strangler with a huge metal hammer on his back too. He looks so unlike any of the other figures in this range but any gang needs a big brute. The thin strap he's holding is also a testament to the high quality casting of these figures. In the middle we got another Battitore with an entirely different but also great pose ("Stop! Clubbing time!") and Fith'Aarch the Spider. He reminds me of the nasty little guy who kept showing up in all of the French "Once upon a time..." cartoon shows (the "Il était une fois…" ones). 

Hope you like the minis and more about this eclectic group is soon to follow!

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