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Montag, 3. November 2014

Showcase: White Fences

Now that I grabbed your attention with this heart-stopping title - I have been working on some terrain!

(Light) cover, doesn't block line of sight. It's nothing special but very handy to have on the table. Aside of painting I try to build up a collection of pieces of terrain for various periods, settings and scales.

Between doing all kinds of stuff these fences here are more or less of a by-product I have to admit. I used a lot of wooden coffee stirrer sticks on other stuff because they make perfect wooden boards for 28mm scale figures and instead of clipping off the rounded ends and bin them I thought what I could do with them. First thing that came to mind of course is this kind of fence.

Aw, look! The little door actually opens up in case Lt.Perkins here thinks the war isn't going too well and it's time to go home.

I deliberately made some of the single boards to be a bit askew and some widths not being perfectly right to make the fence look a little worn and aged. I furthered the impression with the painting of course.

By happy accident the sections I made almost are enough to encircle this little patch of plowed field I made a few months ago. The reasons why the single sections I made aren't equal in length are twofold: First I didn't originally plan to have a little door in there. Second, these pretty much are just a by-product of the tall, LOS-blocking wooden fences I'm working on. If I throw in a little hedge though it works.

A shot showing how 40k models (tall bases) go with the fences. St.Celestine-approved and Space Marine tested.

These fences here in the pictures probably fit for 19th, 20th, 21st century. I mainly made them with the US in mind so they'll work for the American Civil War as well as the American War of Independence and some other stuff. Zombies in the suburbs or the countryside, alien invasions (guess what constantly popped up in my mind when I was working on these, already knowing that they'd have to end up being painted white... ;-) ), other sci-fi and fantasy stuff. Of course they work just as well for a lot of other places in the world.

I hope that you like them, can draw some inspiration for your own terrain or of course if you want this kind or any other kind of terrain done for you just contact me.

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