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Freitag, 28. November 2014

Showcase: Freebooter's Fate Brotherhood Weirdos

Okay, I dropped the ball on naming those guys. They didn't fit with any of the other guys so I just grouped them together as Weirdos.

Let's start right away with the weirdest of the guys - Miedo a Morir. What drives a guy to putting on stilts, a huge, toothed bird skull, clawed bone fingers, a hood and swings a gigantic bone scythe? I certainly am as intrigued as you are but I wouldn't ask the guy. One thing is for sure though - when I first saw the model I had to think of what a horrifying silhouette this guy would cast against the ligth of the lanterns he carries around with himself if you met him in the deserted streets at night in a  city in the early 18th century. 

I hope the stance of the model comes across properly.

Then we got Adombra. When in her bare metal form I wasn't sure about the model but whilst painting she quickly developed into one of my favourites of the whole crew.

Very dynamic and imposing stance (the cloak does help with hat of course) and I just love the fact that she bascially dresses up like a superhero rather than going for muted colours of the pals. She goes all-out red, big mask, white lace, big old crossbow, flowing, open hair.

Last but not least, the fittingly named Dottore:

Amazingly sculpted "old-man-face", with a mischievous grin to boot. Good stuff. :)

Stay tuned for the next time when we're classing it up!

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