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Sonntag, 18. Juli 2021

Showcase: Baneblade


Heyhey, hands up, who doesn't like a Baneblade? Get out, you're a liar. Everybody loves a Baneblade!

You can't not love a Baneblade. It, like dinosaurs, knights, giant robots and well-made heavy metal, appeals directly to our most basic ideas of 'cool stuff'. It's a stupidly big tank with a stupid amount of big guns and llots of rivets.

Me, I have bitter-sweet experiences with Baneblades, as my own one disappeared. "How did you lose him,", I hear you ask, "he's not a set of flipping car keys, is he? It's not like he's incon-flipping-spicuous.". I do not appreciate the language, but you got a point there. It got lost in a silly fashion during a house move. Shame. At least it was just primed and not painted.

Anyway, enough of the past. This Baneblade I'm showing you today went to a lovely gentleman in France.

Had a lovely time painting the model. Painting tanks is fun, painting 40k tanks is lots of fun. The scheme is meant to go with tanks I painted earlier. (Leman Russ variants and a very cool Chimera)

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