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Sonntag, 11. Juli 2021

Showcase: Napoleonic Austrian Cuirassiers

Heyhey, here we got a small unit of Austrian Cuirassiers.  First time I painted those, and I was surprised about how elegant these chaps are.

I painted a fair amount of French cuirassiers so far, and I love the look of those. I got a whole pile of French curiassiers in all sorts of scales to paint because they just look great. Now this time I got Austrian cuirassiers.

Spectacular Raupenhelm aside, these seem pretty tame on paper (in terms of looks). Especially since these figures depict regiment no.2, Erzherzog Franz Josef, who have black turnbacks and cuffs.

However, once they were painted and on their horses I loved the look. These are just very elegant looking heavy cavalrymen. Their French bretheren may look more flashy, but these chaps with the black and white with bits of yellow and the red shabracks just look much more elegant

If you end a paragraph on "elegant", instantly
counter your own point by putting a photo of horse butts next.

So yeah, once more a testament to the fact that uniforms of this period sometimes may seem uninteresting or chaotic or whatever during painting, but once you see it coming together they usually turn out rather well designed.

Hope you like them!

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