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Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2021

Showcase: Warhound Titan


Heyhey, here's a n imperial Warhound titan (full-sized, not fun-sized) I did a while ago. Titans are always a joy to work with.

This is Wolfshead of Legio Crucius. In the past I've done other titans for this legio (another Warhound and a Reaver). While I was working on him he was called Mr.Stripey and only got his final name when he got his banners and and all. 

He's sharing the overall paintscheme with his Legio Crucius pals, most iconically of course the black with the slight grey dot pattern. In photos these come out very, very strongly due to contrast getting picked up very well in general, especially so on the glossy surfaces of his armour.

In this one case is actually is Lupus.

Titan interior details are about my favourite part of painting these chaps. Tricky to photograph, but you get the idea I'm sure.

...and that's it for Mr.Stri- Wolfshead. By now he's with his siblings and I'm sure they're happily stomping around.

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