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Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2021

Showcase: Beastmen!


Heyhey, last time I referenced my past as a Beasts of Chaos player. Which is a good occasion to show the current state of my collection of Beastmen.

I started collecting beastmen when the 5th edition Realms of Chaos box was released.

Along with it we got (in my mind) the best range of beastmen. Of course they were all metal and I was a young'un, so my army was small and grew very slowly. A small unit of Gors, an even smaller unit of Bestigors, a Shaman, a general, and the glorious chariot. All more or less lovingly painted with enamels. Of course there were the great monopose plastics, but you can only put so many of these guys into your units without the whole thing starting to look samey.

Still, great figures. They look proper tough.

I did however get a box of plastic beastmen when they were released towards the end of 6th edition (and the beautiful army book). Those were pretty nice as well. I turned about half of them into imperial Beastmen for 40k, but a handful I built as intended. Never did anything with them though, and they went unpainted for years

In January 2020 I got them out though and decided to give them an overhaul. Nothing fancy, just so that they look game-ready and finally get some love. 

I varied the skin colour a little while pulling it all together by using simple black and red designs on the shields and  white and red banners.

The figures are pretty much as they are out of the box. I think two plastic beastmen got a weapon swap because their original weapons had snapped and the general got a new halberd on his weapon.

Yup, a nasty demon of Nurgle slipped in as well because I found him in the same box I kept the beastmen in.

Here they are in action in a game:

Beastmen make for great Generic Bad Guys (GBGs) in fantasy games. Can't always be Orcs. ;-)

Hope you like the chaps as much as I do!

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