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Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2021

Showcase: British 15th Hussars


Heyhey, here's some more 18mm AB Miniatures Napoleonics. It's the British 15th Hussars!

As always, those AB Miniatures figures are a joy to paint. Excellent casts and material. Okay, the patterns on the shabracks wasn't ALL fun, I'll admit. But they look nice now. 

Somewhat uncharacteristically, those chaps (except the officers) wear their pelisses closed rather than over their left shoulder in a most swaggerly fashion. But I think I read that this was pretty common among British hussars. 

Oh yes, the basing. That's not final, obviously, but I won't get to base these chaps. That'll be done by the gentleman who hired me to paint these.

I hope that you like them!

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