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Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2021

Showcase: Van Saar Gang

Heyhey, here's a Van Saar gang, made from the new plastics, for the new Necromunda.

I got to build these ones as well, and the gentleman I do these for supplied me with all FW add-on blisters to these models. (so I built the Heavy carrying a Plasma Cannon of course. ;-) Because if you can, you gotta have that plasma cannon Van Saar, if only to brag with that fact.) 

On top of that, there's the plastic box itself. Back from the release I remembered how packed these sprues are with bits. When I got these out of the box I was reminded of that: there's a billion bits on these sprues. Really impressive. I also like the building methods on that kit. 

What actually made me like these figures though is that they aren't all that oversized! Pretty much (large-ish) 28mm figures. As it should be. Very nice. That means that they can be used along with other ranges other than new-GW's limited worlds. Cool, cool. This brings me to the next thing: Once the blue basecoat was on their armour I realized that these figures actually would work very well for generic Space Marines or heavily armoured sci-fi soldiers. If you want you can swap the heads; just leave off the tubes on the shoulders if you wanna use larger helmets. Also feel free to leave off the extra shoulder armour. I think that there's quite a lot of potential there, even if you don't play Necromunda. 10 sci-fi soldier dudes with loads of different guns for €36,00 or so. Not bad. 

This is one of the photos the gentleman I painted these for sent me lateron. 
I love when people send me pictures of the figures I painted for them. :-)

Hope you like those Van Saars!

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