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Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2021

Showcase: Mek Workshop


Look, it's the Ork Mek Workshop terrain set!

Dorky me hung the circular saw in the upper left by its cable rather than the handle. Oops. The circular saw and the drill aren't glued on, so no problem there. 

It's been a widely welcomed fact that the person who drew this model up on a computer made a little funny by adding GW's mold line remover to the workbench. Of course I painted it accordingly (yup, I own one of these things since a few months ago), even wrote CITADEL on it and all of that. The pad/mat on the workbench of course has to look like cutting mat too. 

These heaps of scrap probably are even more useful than the Mek workbench. Slap all of that stuff on the table, get out the vehicles you converted for Gorkamorka back then, get out the Gaslands rules and have at it!

Or do something else you enjoy with it. Who am I to tell you what to do. :-D

I'm a bit torn on the design idea behind this set to be honest. I mean it's not a Mek Workshop, is it. It's a workbench with a wall that's just big enough for the workbench not to fall over. A workshop is a garage and has a roof. Reminds me a bit of what people who critizise Lego for what they do nowadays with their City stuff don't like about that stuff. 

There's a ton of detail on that workbench, but for a terrain piece.... I don't know. Online I've seen someone stick Orky bits on Renedra's Ramshackle Barn, and it looks way more like a proper workshop than this wall. I'd say the piles of scrap and the barricades makes this set worthwhile. I'm sure though that someone who's got the inclination could take the workbench as is apart and put it into a building could turn this into a pretty cool piece of terrain. 

Just a few thoughts on this set. What do you think, Madams and Sirs?          

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