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Montag, 20. August 2018

Review: 28mm Oshiro Modelterrain

It's time. Once again. To do a review!

This is about Oshiro Modelterrain, a company which is well worthy of our attention, because it's pretty much the premier adress for 28mm Japanese terrain out there if MDF is not your thing.

In my strife to improve the look of my Samurai skirmish games  I recently picked up/made a bunch of new terrain for this period. Buildings, vegetation, all fine. But the thing that makes a table pretty is "scatter terrain". 

In a recent episode of the Meeples and Miniatured podcast a wise phrase was spoken. Quoting from my memory it's: "A wargaming table should look like the battle just disrupted an area's daily routine. This goes manifold so for skirmish games with 28mm figures.

So I went over the comprehensive 28mm Feudal Japan catalogue and got me a few small things:

Top left to bottom right: Kawaya (outdoor toilet), Temple offering of sake,
multi-part Handwash Station, two larger gravestones, a notice board,
and in the bottom there's two sets of containers, produce, and a little oven.
Communication on the whole procedure was great, shipping time was as to be expected from the UK. Cost is appropriate to resin terrain models.  When the models arrived I was surprised to see that they came already (mostly) primed. I had a little scratch, the primer seemed solid. Won't complain about not having to scrub and prime the things! 

The only model which required assembly is the handwash station. The fit on that one was perfectly OK, but it's a really, really simple kit. I pinned the pillars, just to be sure.

Casting is fine. There were some air bubbles to fill up, and here and there some bits had to be cleaned, but all perfectly within what is to be expected of resin casts.


Painting was pretty easy and straightforward. Overall, I highly suggest Oshiro models. The gentleman who runs the place has created a great catalogue of various items for all kinds of periods and in several sizes. Most of all I trust his research (a highly important point which sometimes seems to fall to the wayside) and skill at turning reality into miniature. If there is one thing I could see improved upon on the models I got is that the fishes in the fishbucket could look a bit better. 

So yeah, overall I think that's a pretty positive verdict. 

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