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Sonntag, 12. August 2018

Showcase: Guild Ball Blacksmiths #2

Heyhey, here's another batch of Guild Ball Blacksmiths!

These are from the second set of plastics released for the Blacksmiths. 

So much friggin' NMM. :D Soo much. These took a long time to finish, and have a quite unique look to them. The NMM is a bit rougher than I usually do, to reflect the rougher texture of the metal.

The most eye catching model probably is the horse-mounted one. Very much a "fantasy horse" of course, again, with a ton of metal on it and an attitude to it. Must have ancestors in the old GW Elven Steeds.

As usual the anvil and the goal was quite a lot of fun to paint.

...and of course seeing the team all done in their presentation box is a very, very nice sight to behold:

Hope you like them!

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