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Mittwoch, 8. August 2018

Showcase: Farmer Guild Team

Here's an interesting Guildball team I painted in late 2017. It's the Farmer's Guild! To my knowledge Steamforged's first plastic figures they made for Guildball.

Initially I wasn't very happy with the models to be honest. Steamforged have since learned and improved on their plastics, but I still feel that they impose a bunch of unnecessary things on themselves with them. Like Models coming pre-assembled and in one piece, and the kind of material they use. It's basically just as with their first metal figures, which had a bunch of issues. I don't get tired of letting you know that over a short time they improved leaps and bounds on those back then, and in the end made magnificent metal minis. Shame they then decided to switch to plastic and seemingly started the crawl to the top anew.

The gentleman with the scythe in the centre is a metal figure. So once painted you can't really tell the difference. 

Closing thoughts: Painting chicken and pumpkins is fun, and it's cool doing projects based on orange. Which is a colour I rarely get to use. Hope you like the figures!

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