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Freitag, 3. August 2018

Showcase: Guild Ball Brewers and Masons Terrain Pack

A few months ago Steamforged have started releasing terrain pieces along with their foray into plastics. Neat move with neat results. I painted the first terrain pack, featuring terrain pieces for Brewers and Masons.

All good stuff. You can see a tree with a bunch of ribbons in the colour I used on the Brewers team I painted two years ago, just a big old block of stone, a bunch of barrels and boxes, a brick wall (and still in progress) Guild Ball structure, and a bunch of broken bottles on the ground as well as a pool or beer. Lovely.

Painting the brickwork was fun as it's clearly newly built and still is in the process of being built, so I really tried to get that look across. On the pool of beer I took care to add some foam where it counts. Just a bit here and there so it makes sense.

Hope you like the results!

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