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Donnerstag, 16. August 2018

Showcase: Feudal Japanese Terrain

Just a little in-between thing I Made for my growing collection of Japan terrain.

Back in 2014 I already made three pieces (two of them pictured above) of bamboo forest, and now I decided to add another three pieces (this time even larger). Note the dōsojin  statues sitting between the stems I used on the newer pieces in the very top photo. 

The Buddha statue I'd gotten from a 1€ store (for a fiver. :-P ) a while ago. I mostly just added a ton of shading to it and some withering to make it look a bit overgrown with lichen or moss. 

Here's a little layout I made from my existing Japan Feudal terrain and minis, just to see what I still need to add. A lot, it seems. The shingled buildings and the torii gate are all new as well, more on these later. 

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